Friday, April 30, 2010

Lowered Expectations... DENIED!!

This is a somewhat unorthodox move on my part in regards to what my experience has been with the world of "blogging" and posting and what have you, but I am posting this blog post, post-haste. The world of blogging has always been a female pastime and my sister, sisters-in-law and wife are all avid in their blog-nicity which perpetuates the misogynistic feeling I have towards the "web log." Why, you ask, am I willing to brave what I perceive as a cross-dress into my wife's world of online writing frenzies? Simple, I feel the need. The need for what, you ask? The need to sing out from my digital mountain top and let the world know of my happiness. What happiness, you ask (why are you asking so many questions)? The reason for my new-found joyousness is simple, but so very profound and empowering for me, personally. In summary, I am not a waste of space.

Before you laugh and think I'm funny, weird or silly, you should know that I am serious. While growing up I have dealt with a little complex I like to call, inferiority. I hate the fact that every accomplishment in my life has been bookended by feelings of being too stupid or inadequate for even thinking about trying to reach beyond me. So naturally, when I heard that I had been accepted to law school at the University of San Francisco School of Law, I was excited and relieved and so confident in myself. Now, as the initial "honeymoon" phase begins to wear off and I begin to feel inklings of inadequacy, I write this post to say that I refuse to go through it again.

I must be positive about my accomplishments from here on out. Which is why, with no remorse or exaggeration I say this: I am so awesome! I really rock, like, a lot! I love who I am and what I have become so far. I am in a great place, with my favorite person by my side (smoochy smoochy, honey :). I will do well in law school and prove myself again and again. And when I become a successful lawyer, I will not be surprised but reassured that I am a successful person.



  1. Huzzah! Congratulations, Ben! I'll have to spend time with you and Allyson before you guys run off to San Fransisco, then.

  2. Ben, of course you're awesome! Its easy to see it of others, but harder to see it in yourself. So good job, I'm so happy for you guys!

  3. Your awesome ben! Wait I don't even need to tell you that bc you KNOW IT! :)