Thursday, September 20, 2012

Update: 36 weeks and counting!

So, like usual I've been pretty terrible at updating this blog.  At least right now I have an excuse!  :)  I feel like I've been so busy the past few weeks trying to get everything squared away and ready for Baby Liam to come join our family.

35 weeks 5 days
Tuesday, Ben and I had our last birthing class.  It was kind of bitter-sweet.  We've really enjoyed the class and getting to know the other couples in it, but it will definitely be nice to have our Tuesday nights back!  (more on that in a minute)  Yesterday was my last day of work, and boy does it feel good!  Knowing that, at least for the next few weeks, I can sleep in if I want is such a great feeling!  This past Sunday we had the Primary Program at church (I'm the Primary Pianist) and it was fantastic!  We've worked so hard all year and I'm so glad I was able to be part of it.  I was kind of worried when they originally planned to do it in October!  Also, a couple weeks ago, Ambyr threw me an awesome baby shower.  It was so much fun and everything turned out so beautifully!  (pictures coming soon!!)

35 weeks 5 days
Back to the birthing class.  I've had the Bradley Method recommended to me pretty much my whole life and when the time came to think about birthing options, I did a little bit of research and Ben and I decided that we did want to try out the Bradley Method.  The class is a little bit more invloved than most birthing classes - it's a 12 week course!  We lucked out and found one that was being taught in 9 weeks - 2 hrs every Tuesday night for 9 weeks - and went for it.  The class was awesome!  The main idea behind the Bradley Method is for both the husband and wife to be fully educated in the whole birthing process and have the husband or "coach/advocate" do just that: coach and advocate for the wife who is in labor and shouldn't be worrying about other things, all the while focusing on deep breathing and relaxation.  We learned so much and I know that it has helped me to feel calm and excited about labor, rather than being nervous.  Short of actually experiencing labor and delivery (which will happen soon enough!), I feel like I know as much as I can know about it and I feel totally prepared.  Ben has also mentioned how much he enjoyed the class and how empowered he feels as he's able to discuss things with our doctor and help me prepare for a smooth delivery.

In a nutshell, I would very highly recommend the Bradley Method to anyone that will be having a baby, whether it's their first or fourth!

...and a random pic from our Tahoe trip last month...