Monday, February 4, 2013

3 Months (plus a little) Already!

Seriously. I cannot believe how quickly this little guy is growing and how fast the time goes.  Somehow, it was three weeks ago that we celebrated Liam's 3 month birthday.  We got all dressed up... and went to church!  Between Primary and Young Men's, Liam is quite the little celebrity and during singing time he makes his rounds through all his "girlfriends" in the primary presidency.  It's so funny to see all the teenage boys fawning over "Twisty" (Ben's fault - he told them Liam's name was going to be Twisted Black Dragon of Death and the nickname seems stuck :P ).  He makes hardly a peep during sacrament meeting and loves the hymns and just looks around trying to take it all in.

This was at our ward Christmas party - I walked in to see a big group of the young men clustered around Liam. SO cute! 

We were lucky enough to have Grandpa Wright visit a couple weeks ago and we decided to take a four generation picture while everyone was looking so sharp.

Liam is becoming quite the talker, babbling on and on. He laughs now... especially when he's being tickled... and it's the cutest thing.  And like his mom, he is proving to be quite ticklish!  He keeps getting taller and, while he's gaining a pound every month (11 lbs, 7 oz and 24.5 in at his 3 month check up), his weight seems to be dropping off the charts.  So for the past 3 weeks Ben and I have been on a special diet, cutting out all of my allergens (dairy, eggs, soy, corn, and we added gluten to the list just to be safe), to see if that makes a difference.  Ben's so sweet and decided to support me by eating the same things that I'm eating.  It definitely makes things easier for me!  It's hard to tell (we'll know better after his next weigh in), but it seems to have made a difference.  The spitting up has virtually stopped and that is such a relief!

In other news, he's rolling over now!!  He's been rolling for the past couple weeks ad while he can make it over most of the time, sometimes he can't quite get over and he gets really frustrated.  Also, he's started sitting up "by himself" (when propped up) and when you pull him up from lying down to sitting, he immediately stands up.  It's so fun to watch him discover so many new things every day!

This is the "I'm so cute and innocent" face  :)