Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Life in Lviv

We've been in Lviv for almost a week now.  It's been something of a whirlwind adventure getting here - I drove to Utah with Meagan and the girls and got to see my family for a couple days.  Then I met back up with Meagan and Benj at the airport and we were off to Paris.
Sunset in Kiev

Paris was great, but I have to admit - I sometimes feel like it's a bit overrated.  Especially when you look at the prices!  But regardless, I had a great time there and thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the incredible architecture and eating delicious food.

After Paris, we flew into Kiev for a day before continuing on to Lviv.

Before we got here, I was a little bit worried about where we'd live, what we would eat, where we would shop, etc.  I don't know why I worried.  This place is incredible!

Around the corner is a "Metro" - a huge Costco-like store with everything you could ever want or imagine.    There is a whole aisle solely dedicated to noodles (this is especially great since Meagan and the girls like to eat them at least once a day)!  What's really cool is that they sell small/regular sized packages, and two of these wrapped together, as well as huge bulk packages.  It's the same way with cheese - normal sized blocks of cheese all the way up to cheese wheels roughly the size of a small tire!  Half of Metro is dedicated to food, while the other half has clothes, kitchen equipment, toys, exercise equipment, you name it!

Today we went to a food bazaar.  It was amazing - and it's only Wednesday!  It gets really crazy on the weekends.  There were long lines of tables with people selling all sorts of fruit and vegetables. On other side, there was a whole meat and dairy room with every animal body part you could need - and then some.

 We bought some peas and the most adorable miniature strawberries I've ever seen!  I can't wait to make something with them.

Between Metro and the bazaars, we're pretty much set for life.

We had a fun experience on Sunday.  Since I was here last, Lviv now has it's own free-standing LDS meeting house - the first in Ukraine!  The branch is pretty small and there were a few key people missing, so when we went to primary, there was only one other family there, and no teachers.  We all jumped in - Benj taught a lesson, two-year-old Annie said the prayer, and I played the piano.  (Actually it was an electric keyboard that they brought in for me!)  :)


  1. Keep the posts coming, we love to know what you guys are up to!!! So cool and fun, miss ya!