Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Enjoy Life

I recently ran across this blog post that totally made my day. The blog serves as just a little reminder to recognize all those great moments in life that we take for granted.

Why obsess over our appearance and weight? While I'm a firm believer that you should exercise and look your best, the key to it is looking YOUR best, not the photo-shopped-model-on-the-magazine-cover's best. Part of the wonderful blessing of having a body is getting to enjoy the pleasures of life. Enjoy that extra scoop of ice cream or that second (or sometimes third) slice of cake. Don't deprive yourself - Just remember to do it in moderation. Enjoy every moment in life - the exercise AND all of those yummy treats.


  1. Allyson - thanks for commenting on my blog. It has been too long since we've seen you and Ben. I'm excited that you'll be returning to the Bay Area, because we visit there at least once a year. There are better odds of us all getting together. Are you and Ben coming to the family reunion in August? I sure hope so!!

  2. i want that chocolate cake right now! Hi allyson, how are you? cute pic of you and ben! see you in july!!!