Friday, May 1, 2009

Just Married... or Married Justly

So, we did it. We went through with it and got married even through all the stress and pain of finals, and the overwhelming adventure of my (Ben's) graduation. It was a hellish ordeal for both of us, breakdowns left and right, problems with cakes, with invitations, and of course with the groom :) The first reception in Provo was amazing and absolutely beautiful in decor and ambiance. Thousands of cream colored cranes hung from the ceiling by gossamer lines, seemingly flowing from one corner towards the place where my gorgeous wife and I stood greeting all our family and friends. Allyson was resplendent, impeccable in her flowing dress and elegant up-do. I really do love her with all my heart, the princess that she is, and a little bit of what I see when I look at her was demonstrated in the amazing decoration and opulance of the reception. We hope to see or hear from all of you because we love you. Pictures are to follow...


  1. We are so happy for both of you. Three receptions have really kept you on the run. I hope the one in Millbrae this weekend goes great for you!

  2. Hey Brother, I finally remembered to check out your blog, so very cute. Hope you and Allyson and doing great!